Submitted by Marty Wyatt

The yarn is hard to find in retail stores and can be expensive.  Look for ribbon yarns, track yarns, or flag yarns online. 

Try Select Ribbon yarn, then Ladder.

Crochet hook should be large:  size J is best.


  • Pull out a length of yarn about 13 inches long and leave it unworked.
  • Work a chain stitch for approximately 13 inches (about 42 stitches works for me, but it sometimes takes more or less depending on the thickness of the yarn).  Be sure to keep your work LOOSE!
  • Leave another length of yarn about 13 inches unworked.  Cut.
  • Pull the yarn through the last stitch, fastening off.
  • Make as many of these chain pieces as you want in your necklace.  I usually put 5 or 7 together for a necklace.
  • After you have the number of chains that you desire comnpleted, hold them together so that they line up, then tie a knot in all of them together about 3 inches from the end of the chain.
  • Tie a knot 3 inches from the end of the chains on the other end of the strands.
  • Pull all of the strands through a bead (the hard part! I use pony beads from the children’s craft section at WalMart) with a darning needle, or small crochet hook before tying the final knot.  This allows you to adjust the length of the necklace.
  • Now take all of the strands together (if you have 5 chairs this will be 10 strands), and tie another knot, securing all of the strands.  Pull this knot very tight so that it will not come undone when you pull the necklace over your head.
  • Trim the ends about 1 inch from the knot or let the ends be longer, if you desire.