Rotarian Fellowship of Quilters and Fiber Artists Bylaws

Purpose of the Fellowship

The purpose of this fellowship is to promote the sharing of ideas and new techniques for members who enjoy the use of fabrics as an art form.  It will also promote an appreciation of quilts and fiber arts in all cultures throughout our history.  It will open up an avenue for providing help to those in need, such as:  tactile quilts for the blind, warm quilts for children who are now in the care of social services due to neglect, and quilts or fabric toys to comfort children in countries that have experienced war, famine, or other disasters.  This fellowship will promote understanding and friendship with Rotarians, spouses of Rotarians, and Rotaractors worldwide who share a common interest in fiber art forms.

Qualifications for Membership

Fellowship membership is open to all Rotarians, spouses of Rotarians, members of Inner Wheel, or Rotaractors who have an interest in quilting or other forms of fiber art, and who pay annual dues of US$15.

Committee of Officers

The committee of officers shall consist of a Chairman (must be an active Rotarian in good standing); Vice Chairman; Secretary; and Treasurer.

Election of Officers

The committee in office organizes the elections.  Every member is to be informed of the election of officers in writing.  The names of candidates are to be submitted to the chairman in writing.  The members of the committee do the counting of the votes.  Members of the committee are elected for a two-year term and are eligible for re-election.


The treasurer is in charge of the finances.  The treasurer and the chairman have access to the accounts.   All checks must be signed by two officers to be determined by the committee.

Membership Fee

The membership fee will be assessed annually for US$15.  An option of Lifetime membership is available for a one-time donation of US$100.  A fee is required from every member whose name appears on the membership list (roster).  Membership fees are used to cover all necessary administrative costs.

Annual Report

An annual report will be sent out by 1 October in each year to the General Secretary at Rotary International and to all paid members of the fellowship with a report of activities, a financial statement showing revenues and expenditures during the past Rotary year, and a statement of funds on hand at the time of the report.


An online newsletter will be published at least once a year and will be posted on the fellowship website.